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Guiding you through the minefield of tax to help minimise your liability.

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+44 (0) 20 8515 9797

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We have the expertise and specialist knowledge in all major areas of tax to deliver commercial solutions tailored to your needs.  We will be on hand to offer the specialist advice you might need for your every requirement – from buying a vehicle to selling your business.  So, where there are ways to save you money, you can be sure Leftley Rowe will find them.


Our strategic tax planning experts can provide specialist taxation advice for private clients giving you the detailed insight you need to make effective taxation decisions.  From personal, to inheritance, capital gains tax and international tax advice, our clients are guaranteed a discreet and personal service.


Our unique and proactive approach to tax sets us apart.

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As tax legislation becomes ever more complicated, innovative strategic tax planning can provide a real commercial advantage and contribution to business success.  Ensuring you have the right strategies in place will make a real difference to your overall tax liability.


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Structuring or restructuring your company's activities

Computerised tax returns and computations

Company sales and management buy outs

Tax-efficient remuneration schemes

Capital allowance reviews

International tax planning

Rewarding employees

Succession planning

Personal taxation


With the ever-increasing ‘second home ownership’ generation, and the ever-growing asset base of the UK, capital gains tax is becoming a more regular (and unwanted) feature in taxation matters for both individuals and companies. There are many reliefs available, and with careful pre-transaction planning Leftley Rowe can ensure that any exposure to capital gains tax is minimised.  With this in mind there are various simple planning techniques that can be used, and that are often overlooked:

Preparation of annual corporation tax returns

Related correspondence with the Inland Revenue

During an audit we review your company's taxation affairs.  Our review encompasses all relevant taxes to ensure that any tax planning opportunities are not missed

Advice in respect of related company matters such as directors' remuneration, dividend payments and group structure arrangements

Transferring assets between spouses to take advantage of each individual's capital gains tax annual exemption

Entrepreneurs relief is available on the disposal of certain shares, securities and business assets.  This reduces the rate of capital gains tax payable on qualifying disposals

There are different reliefs available to defer the capital gain arising on certain assets

Reliefs such as rollover and holdover can be applied when certain qualifying business assets are disposed of, and certain qualifying business assets are acquired within a qualifying time period

Gift relief effectively allows a chargeable gain to be deferred (‘held over') and passed to the recipient of a gift


We have a deep understanding of tax and how to make sure our clients pay as little as possible.  We offer a complete service to deal with ongoing and annual corporate tax matters.


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Advice designed to help you grow your business smartly.

We provide support for all activities relating to corporate finance.

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Chartered Accountants & Statutory Auditors

+44 (0) 20 8515 9797

2nd Floor, 107 Charterhouse Street Clerkenwell, London EC1M 6HW

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London Office


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Top Floor, 87 Kenton Road

Harrow, Middlesex HA3 0AH

Harrow Office

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For more information about our taxation services please contact us today on +44 (0) 20 8515 9797.

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