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About Us

Working in partnership.

Leftley Rowe & Company is a three partner firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors based in London.  Our concept of service is to solve problems, help clients take advantage of opportunities and turn advice into action.  For 50 years we have provided advice to our clients and, thanks to our distinctive partnership culture, we work together to deliver the very best for them.

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If you are looking for a team of reliable, approachable, and proactive accountants who will do more than just respond to your needs but work alongside you to help you succeed you have come to the right place.

Why Choose Leftley Rowe?

It is ALL about the client.

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You will work with proactive and forward-thinking accountants located in London.


We think the client relationship is king.  Our partners seek to be actively involved with clients to allow a better understanding of their business.  The result: strong working relationships, more effective advice and better value for our customers.


We value all our clients, big and small.  We have a highly experienced team of Chartered Tax Advisors.  Tax is what they know.  In fine detail.  So where there are legitimate ways to save you money, you can be sure they will find them.


We agree with you in advance what we are going to do, when we are going to do it and what it will cost.  We are concise, and to the point.  And with our fixed fees and free telephone support, there are no surprise bills working with Leftley Rowe.

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